General description


Construction begins in 2009, and will continue until 2016.


The project that will improve safety will help alleviate traffic and modernize this important 35-mile road artery, including:


The construction of an additional lane in each direction, for a total of eight lanes.
The replacement of deteriorated pavement and structures with new designs.
The transfer of exits from the ramps to the right side of the highway
An aesthetic treatment for those who live adjacent to the highway
WisDOT works to minimize closures of road interchanges and some portions of the highway, as well as to minimize impacts to the environment and nearby areas. We want you to be involved during the process, so that we can respond to the needs of the region.


We need your opinion
Are there problems on the highway or on alternate roads?
Are there problems with an intersection or somewhere else?
Can the traffic lights be adjusted in such a way that the traffic moves better?
Are there problems with vehicles that make crossings to the left?
Security issues?
Excessive noise, dust or other conditions?
Use the contact us page to send us your comments and register to receive updates regarding the project or traffic directly to your email or to your computer’s desktop. For more information about special assistance efforts of public assistance in the Hispanic community, contact:


Abrazo Multicultural Marketing & Communication
316 N. Milwaukee St., Suite 550
Milwaukee, WI 53202
(414) 220-9800
Contact: Nancy Hernandez , President
Get ready, drive carefully and move forward.